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AI Macro Trends Since March 1 2024

AI is a wildfire hence a AI Trends summary for March 1 2024. Along with the continuing Presidential Resurrection of Donald Trump, the self-immolation of both Hamas Gaza and Israel States, and Taylor Swift’s latest Fling with Love, Artificial Intelligence has also garnered a new Social Meme-ing. Thus, half-a-dozen AI-Artificial Intelligence macrotrends are can be […]

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AI Writing Tools – Aint Going To Change My Style –test copy

AI Writing and Music tools have an early and deep presence in savvy AI usage. And as a  Yoast user in WordPress and Grammerly with Office being a constant companion one can say this scriber is not exactly a Wordcraft Virgin. But ChatGPT has suddenly inserted real muscle into the auto-generation of paragraphs, presentations, and

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AI Graphics: Everything Everywhere All At Once

For the past half year, AI-Artificial Intelligence on the Web is everyhing everywhere  and all at once –  ask any SEO junky, social media designer, or frantic backend coder. But fortunately  as a WordPress Designer and Developer I could safely ignore AI because  it was constantly “arriving”. Truly, trying to get into  AI incurred  waits

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Looking into VPS again

Four years ago I did a review for a client on what were the major  dedicated VPS-Virtual Private Server options. It is important to identify a  dedicated server because that means you are the only user of the server and have access to its IP, transcode, and password so you can customize the hardware  and

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WordPress is not in Kansas Anymore

“WordPress is not in Kansas Anymore” means WordPress is no longer a simple, easy-to-use app  of early years. Many basic features of WordPress, such as simple point-and-click UI operations, are subject to more complex options as online computing becomes riddled with hard choices. So not just WordPress but most web development tools are challenged to

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Breakdancing up with Elementor

Readers of this blog will have seen since the beginning of this year a steady stream of pleadings for better stability from Elementor Builder. The most recent review, just a week ago, noted the continuing problems with flexbox, template code, and the debilitating collisions/conflicts  with Elementor’s own 3rdparty addons that take  hours if not days

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Creating New Views in WordPress with CSS

As always we start off with a look at some  CSS Help Tips and Tutorial Resources which will be reviewed  with special attention to attendees recommendations for CSS websites chock full of at the start of the Meetup. This is aalways a helpful start off point into the CSS World. So without further todo –

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WordPress Under Duress

WP Tavern has been reporting stories which show WordPress and  Automattic under duress for the past few months. It started with the May 12th 2022 story WordPress Community Attributes Declining Market Share to Performance Issues, Increased Complexity, and the Lagging Full-Site Editing Project. This is a tough indictment for WordPress and some of the evidence

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CSS Visual Editors – WP Solutions Meetup

3 years ago we we did a meetup presentation on WordPress Page Styling which highlighted changes in WordPress Page Design. The big underlying trend was the rapid standardization of new CSS features in the top 5-6 desktop and mobile browsers. WordPress vendors in turn took advantage of these CSS styling techniques in 4 ways: 1- adding animation,

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Tutorial for CSS Styling Editors

From the meetup on Methods for Fixing up Gutenberg Editor’s Styling Problems there came a 4 step plan. First was to use the Classic Editor for posts and pages that did not need extensive styling – fast, easy-to-use, and ever more capable with Advanced TinyMCE  plugin[See our upcoming free Meetup – Classic Editor Hot Tips

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Meetup Summary – Fixing Gutenberg Editor’s Styling Missteps

Over the past 7 years Gutenberg has gone through several name changes – The  Gutenberg Editor, Block Editor, Gutenberg Block tool,  and now the Block Builder with FSE-Full Site Editing features. In sum, Gutenberg with its JavaScript driven blocks is being advanced as the primary UI engine for the evolving  WordPress Core System. ***  Table

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Mobile WP Trends – Meetup Summary

The Mobile Presence Meetup was filled with as many questions as facts and answers. However,  important facts evident in the presented Hootsuite slides – Mobile  device usage, at 92% of all internet connections. simply demands attention. And the  the second HootSuite slide puts “mobile devices” into perspective – it  shows the multiple flavors for  mobiles

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