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Let’s get right to it. Here is ParagraphAI in AII discover what AII can do beyond Grammarly:
The original thought: How can AIWriting Tools assist me in writing especially in WordPress posts?

And here is what free Paragraph’AI added to Chrome  did with my first idea:
I am interested in finding out what assistance AI Tools can provide when writing in WordPress. Can you provide more information on this?

ParagraphAI sprang into action as soon as I highlighted the original text and immediately offered 1)to correct the spelling and grammar, 2) to correct and paraphrase my text, and 3) to change the tone or style of the phrasing. [Caution: Bewared of PAI’s asssertive tonedeaf style]=> [Please be cautious of assertive and insensitive communication styles from certain individuals].

But Paragraph AI[henceforth PAI] is not limited to one paragraph corrections and improvements. It can be used to do complete paragraphs. However, there is a small glitch here -I am using Grammarly too. And though PAI and Grammarly generally do not get in each other’s way that is not always true.

I understand that you may be experiencing some difficulty with using both PAI and Grammarly for your writing needs. While PAI can be very useful for correcting and improving paragraphs, it’s important to note that it can also be used for entire paragraphs. However, I understand that there may be some glitches when using both PAI and Grammarly simultaneously. Please know that I am here to help and support you in any way that I can. 

Let me assure Chrome users, PAI has a wealth of tones/styles  to use. But that is all you get for free. For $10/month  PAI offers a wealth of additional writing help.
Here is a partial list of the many added capabilities of Pro PAI

Free Paragraph AI combined with Free Grammarly gives you a lot of what Grammarly Pro for $10/month/user offers.  It is not too bad because in Chrome it is available not just in WordPress but across apps running in Brave, Edge, Google, and Opera browsers. But this party is now looking for more browsers [think FireFox and Safari] plus rumors about Jasper and Writesonic are very positive. So expect more AI AI Sir reviews on AI Writing Tools.

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