CSS Visual Editors – WP Solutions Meetup

3 years ago we we did a meetup presentation on WordPress Page Styling which highlighted changes in WordPress Page Design. The big underlying trend was the rapid standardization of new CSS features in the top 5-6 desktop and mobile browsers.

WordPress vendors in turn took advantage of these CSS styling techniques in 4 ways:
1- adding animation, scrolling, transformations and other CSS3 features to an already rich set of basic page and theme design capabilities;
2- added video and posted tutorials on the basic CSS 1 and 2 rules which drive the bulk of WordPress styling;
3- PageBuilder vendors made WYSIWYG drag and drop styling much easier to do without need of using CSS & HTML code – most CSS styling is now done with drag and drop ease;
4- introduced CSS Style Editors like CSSHero and Microthemer which deliver stand-alone apps with Browser Inspect-like capabilities with the added benefit of not just displaying the code fix required but actually implementing the solution on your WordPress website.

So what has happened in the past 3 years that make it worth your while to attend this presentation? First, the CSS Style Editors upgraded to a CSS Visual Editor user interface duplicating the drag and drop ease of operation featured in the top WordPress PageBuilders. But the CSS Visual Editors bring sophisticated HTML+CSS analysis routines that identify and isolate Design  Problems even better than the PageBuilders. In addition, the top CSS Visual Editors offer users more choices on how to fix their tough WP design problems.

Second, there are even better tutorials and videos explaining HTML+CSS methods. In addition there are two top notch online resources for learning both HTML and CSS with live do it yourself demos. This is the fastest way to absorb CSS styling insights and will be part of a live demo of CSS styling.

Third, with the emergence of ThemeBuilders new advances in WordPress styling using CSS Grid and Flexbox layouts plus more drag and drop operations have made styling ad design easier for complex corrections.

So take advantage of the meetup as attendees will work collectively to solve your tough Design Problem. To expedite solving your Design Problem send us the page URL and the desired fix using meetup messaging or a direct email to me at jbsurv@masterwp.guru. This is one of the last meetups before we close-up shop in mid-August – so don’t miss out  on some solid free WP help.

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