WordPress Classic Editor Made Classy

As Gutenberg approaches in the next few weeks to become the in-house/in-core WordPress Editor,  pundits are speculating on how long before the Classic Brontosaur gets clobbered by the full weight of  Gutenberg. This review is dedicated to the proposition that: A)The Classic Editor is far from being a vestigial organ and has many active add-ons […]

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WordPress PageBuilders Become SiteBuilders

It started with Beaver Builder creating its add-on Beaver Themer last year. What Beaver Themer does is allow developers and users to takeover creating the header and footer area of any page, post or custom post. Here is how Beaver Builder spotlights its theme building add-on: Beaver Themer  works with Beaver Theme plus a small

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Gutenberg 2.1 Version Feb 1 2018

Gutenberg Review As promised in our previous Gutenberg posting, this is the first of a continuing “look see” at how Gutenberg is progressing. The 2.1 Gutenberg is showing much more refinement throughout. For example,  in the edit sidebar which shows the pervasive use of accordion toggles  throughout the Gutenberg editor. Also the sidebar is more

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