The following reviews and stories are from Easttern Canada and the US. The emphasis is on WordPress topics.

Kadence + Beaver Builder

Going to a WordPress Meetup there is always at least one question about one of 3 topics: 1)What is the best hosting service to use

Buffalo WordPress Meetup-Cheerful Help

The Buffalo WordPress Meetup this past Friday was both cheerful and helpful. Cheerful with Michelle’s video upside down like mine so  we both revert to

Meetup- So Many Good CSS Apps

Just finished doing the Presentation notes for the upcoming December 6th CSS meetup, and here is the inside scoop. There are so many very good

Meetups Worldwide

The following is a list of Worldwide WP Meetups. It is about a year out of date. To search for a particular meetup use CMD/CTRL

WordPress Meetup – CSS Coding

For many WordPress Developers the attraction of WordPress is great UI design tools with No Coding Required. But within the last year that promise has

Creating New Views in WordPress with CSS

As always we start off with a look at some  CSS Help Tips and Tutorial Resources which will be reviewed  with special attention to attendees

Mobile Presence Meetup Promises Insights

This meetup tomorrow on Wednesday at 6PM is packed with new insights on Mobile Usage in WordPress. The foremost is how Mobile Devices are now

Why WordPress Is Changing So Fast

In a series of Fall WordPress Meetup Presentations – Speed Matters on WP optimization, Mobile Presence on how to adapt new mobile device needs on

Getting up to Speed in WordPress CSS

Here are basic CSS Help Tips and Tutorial Resources which will be reviewed at the start of the Meetup. This is a helpful start off

WordPress Under Duress

WP Tavern has been reporting stories which show WordPress and  Automattic under duress for the past few months. It started with the May 12th 2022

CSS Visual Editors – WP Solutions Meetup

3 years ago we we did a meetup presentation on WordPress Page Styling which highlighted changes in WordPress Page Design. The big underlying trend was the rapid

Tutorial for CSS Styling Editors

From the meetup on Methods for Fixing up Gutenberg Editor’s Styling Problems there came a 4 step plan. First was to use the Classic Editor

Mobile WP Trends – Meetup Summary

The Mobile Presence Meetup was filled with as many questions as facts and answers. However,  important facts evident in the presented Hootsuite slides – Mobile 

Mobile WordPress Trends

Mobile WordPress Development often  gets the short emd of the analytics stick. Fortunately, Hootsuite publishes annual reports on the state of the Web World which

Elementor’s Risky Changes

From the April 6th Meetup on Elementor Changes there were some interesting observations about Elementor and the WordPress PageBuilder/ThemeBuilder market. First, attendees were split equally

CSS WordPress Tips & Workshop

Wouldn’t you know it, you set a free Meetup for Tuesday March 15th all about WordPress CSS Tips and Tricks – and then two major

Backend Bustout – 3 Meetups

This post is about the the free online Holiday Meetups featuring 6 Backend plugins – all of which have substantial free versions in addition to

Web Trends Meetup

Web Trends 2021-2022 This review looks at how Computing has become world-wide personally pervasive – 66% of the world’s population have a  personal computer.   

Meetup Review: Wed. Jan 18th

How New Web Design Has Changed and Obsoleted this Layout As suspected getting through the the first of a WordPress Starters Guide proved to be full

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